Roselawn’s Garden in Jeeseh: 

Strawberry’s Roots and Runner

Strawberry’s Roots and Runners is an mini series within the Roselawn’s Garden in Jeeseh world. This is a collaboration between myself and justice oriented educator and artist Julia Dunn (@good.things.wild.things). 

Julia responded to this illustration and the grandeur world of Roselawn’s Garden by carefully crafting a language built on reciprocity with Land. In this story we see our character learns this lesson.

Here Human treats berry as commodity–

Cuts it down before it has ripened, offers nothing in return–as it falls, it turns to Stone.

Bird knows Berry as a gift–plucks it with tender gratitude, the promise of seed dispersal–so as they move, they nourish one another.

Now is time to ask: 
Which weeds can I clear to make way for strawberry’s roots and runners? How can I be patient enough to cultivate reciprocity?