Roselawn’s Garden in Jeeseh Series

(2020 – Current)

Black on Both Sides Series

(2013 – 2016)


(2018 – Current)

(2016 – 2020)


In nature I feel a sense of being and find curiosity in the most mundane yet unusual moments. In these moments I pull memories from a Black-African heritage and our ancestral relationship with nature. However, as a means of survival our ways of being in nature has gone through many forms of transformation and adaptation making these memories incomplete, disorienting, and mystifying. Understanding this dynamic is how I mend my relationship with how to be on this land that is not my ancestral home. My work reflects this journey as representations of surreal ways of being with and within nature. I build these spaces by incorporating West African and indigenous agriculture practices and photograph references from my various hikes. Each composition reveal a coexistence between the materials and the marks, reconciling the push and pull between finished and unfinished aspects of the surface into a singular moment.