Polyvocal Mixtape: Positionality

From the birth of hip-hop in the late 60s through the golden era of the 90s, mixtapes established itself as a collection of song roughly put together. This format, unlike a polished album, showcased frail songs whether recordings of live performances, remixes, demos, or low quality. This highlighted the possibilities of the artist and song, rather than the quality of the song itself. This created possibilities for how the song could be constructed.

Polyvocal Mixtape: Positionality works within the framework. This series is a collection of screenprints, large scale paintings, and audio works. Each body of works within the respective series and medium derives from each other in that many of the individuals appears at least twice across each medium.


These are works made between 2015-2016

Black on Both Sides Series

Screenprint on aluminum

Paintings on canvas

Paintings on canvas

Positionality The Official Mixtape


Positionality The Official Mixtape crescendos with a four track audio piece. The first three tracks consist of interviews of a few individuals from the Black on Both Sides series, discussing a range of personal stories, and topics of interest. The final track Manifesto at Age 26 summarizes the framework for this series by collaging a collection audio quotes from art curators, artists, and academic scholars who are Black African-American. The audio recordings are underpinned by my original music.


by Ryan Davis The Artist Feat. Alix Davis, Keith Turner Jr, Martina Welch & Ricky Williams | Positionality The Official Mixtape

Phone Call with Amber Charmayne

by Ryan Davis The Artist feat Amber Charmayne & Jacolby hart | Positionality the Official Mixtape

Finding Love Within Myself

by Ryan Davis The Artist Feat. Jazzmin, Candace Cunard & Cierra Boyd | Positionality The Official Mixtape

Manifesto At Age 26

by Ryan Davis The Artist | Positionality The Official Mixtape

Exhibition Installation