Client Murals

Private location – Queens, New York

Acrylic paint on concrete wall
4′ x 25′
Fall 2021

Community Murals

Community Partner: J. Lotus Gallery

Artists: Brittany Hayden aka B (@_b.hayden_) and Ryan Davis The Artist (@ryandavistheartist)

Location: Flatbush Ave & Parkside NE corner, Brooklyn, NY (dismantled summer 2021)

Acrylic paint on metal gate
10′ x 20′
Fall 2020

Photographer: swankbitch
Helping hands: Sam Bennett (@sammy_frannett), Martin Petrov (@m_p_petrov), and Kate Alboreo (@kalboreo)

Location: Dagara Music Center in Ghana, West Africa

Ryan Davis
Enamel paint on concrete wall
7′ x 12′
Summer 2012

Teaching Artist Murals

Community Partners: PS/MS 004

Lead Artist & Mural Designer: Ryan Davis (Teaching Artist at Creative Artworks)
Youth Artists: 6th-8th grade

Location: Bronx, NY

Building Our Community
Acrylic paint on panel
8′ x 188′
Spring 2022

For this mural, students brought their heritage through the symbols of flags and hearts showing care for people and the earth. They also affirmed their identities with words stating that they are fearless, caring, hope, patient and leaders.

Community Partners: Queens Community Justice Center

Lead Artist & Mural Designer: Ryan Davis (Teaching Artist at Creative Artworks)
Youth Artists: Devonte Jones, Angel Lopez, Courtney Mcgeary, & Stephon Pratt

Location: Queens Community Justice Center

Building Our Community
Acrylic paint on panel
5′ x 20′
Summer 2021

In response to the question, what changes do you want to see in your environment, the youth artists at QCJC collectively shareed ending gun violence. One youth said “you can find anything in the projects.” These ideas were the catalyst for our mural.

This mural is a vignette illustrating dealing with the loss of a loved one, to being pulled out of that grief and into and by a community that can support you.

Lead Artist: Ryan Davs (Teaching Artist at Groundswell)
Mural Designer: Demetrius Felder

Youth Artist: Abigail Duesbury, Charlize Beltre, Kahla Norville, Maria Flores, Mariasel Garcia, Madina Reece, Pilar Rivera, Jennifer Contreras, Hafsa Habib, Brandon Garcia, Kian Mehran-Lodge, & Cipta Hussain

Community Partners: Future of Tomorrow, Cypress Hills Local Development Corporation

Location: Hendrix St. & Fulton St., East New York

Our Neighborhood Our Community
Acrylic paint on brick wall
29′ x 51′
Summer 2021

Lead Artist & Mural Designer: Ryan Davis (Teaching Artist with Creative Artworks)
Teaching Artist Assistant: Madeline DeLeon (with Creative Artworks

Youth Artist: Elijah Francois, Floyd Thompson, Kenny Laporte, Keymi Valera Lugo, & Martysha Carrasco

Community Partner & Location: Hamilton Grange Middle School, New York, NY

Everyday Is  A New Day: Sunrise
Everyday Is A New Day: Sunset
Acrylic on concrete wall
Summer 2019